Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis)

The colours in this tiny bird are always stunning. In recent times they have become a regular resident in residential gardens, this is due to people using niger seed in feeders. We have a Niger seed feeder in the garden and regularly get goldfinches eating there.

It has a longer more pointed bill than the green finch, enabling it to obtain seeds from food plants such as thistles. The juvenile is easily distinguished as it has no red on the face. It nests towards the edge of a branch where it lays 4 - 6 eggs which hatch after 11 days.

Getting detailed photographs means that you need to get close, we used a hide for most of these images. Getting flight shots is the most challenging, these birds do fight over who is allowed on the feeder and this provides great photographic opportunities. Use fast shutter speeds and be ready for any eventuality.