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When we are out on long hikes with full photographic kit bags we have often wondered if it was possible to have a walking stick that would double as a monopod. Whilst we always carry a tripod this requires a certain amount of setup time something which is not always available. There are times when the camera is sat around your neck and something just appears that catches your eye. If the lighting conditions are are not too favourable,  the option of a monopod with a quick release could provide the fast stability you need.


We’ve looked at the market and it appears to be set in two distinct categories



However we have just found a solution which so far works really well. We bought the following :-


Light weight Leki Sierra Photo walking pole with small screw head

Velbon 1/4-3/8" Thread adaptor

Manfrotto 484RC2 Compact Ball Head with RC2 quick release plate

The result is our own monopod/walking pole, no additional kit to carry (unless you count the head) and the flexibility for a ready assembled Monopod support when ever you need it.


This is the spec for the walking pole


- Adjusts 78-145cm
- Wood Knob.
- Buckle Strap
- Carbide Flextip
- Rubber Tip Attachment
- Built-In Camera Mount
- Soft Antishock
- Weight 340 grms (12 oz)