Diver - Red-Throated (Gavia Stellata)

This is the smallest of the divers and is about the size of a mallard. It is most easily identified by it’s slender bill which it holds tilted slightly upwards. It only comes to land in the breeding season and can often be seen flying during the summer months.  It nests in scrapes on lake shores and can often be seen in certain parts of the Orkney Islands. One popular spot is Burgar hill hide (RSPB) on the west mainland of Orkney, but they can also be seen around the island on lochs or the sea shore.  The flight shot was taken hand held with the Nikon D3s and Nikon AFS II 500mm prime with a 1.7tc.

Great Northern Diver (Gavia Immer)

These are the largest of the divers and during breeding have distinctive black and white patterning on the body and neck.

Red Throated Diver, shot with Swarovski Scope with the 20 to 60 zoom set at about 50. Filmed on the Flip camera.