Linnet (Carduelis cannabina)

A common bird in open countryside, farmland and lowland heath. It has beautiful colouring especially when in breeding plumage. It feeds on the seeds from weeds and other plants, it is often seen in large groups which may also nest in a close proximity to each other. They find dense cover to build their nests which they build from twigs, moss and roots. They lay 4 - 6 eggs which hatch after 11 days. When it is not in breeding plumage it can be similar to the sparrow.

These were photographed on the mainland of Orkney in open fields close to arable land. One bird is eating small seeds from the ground, if you can find a food source you can usually find the bird. The interaction between the two birds was photographed on the beach at Evie near Broch o' Gurness, it was hand held  and used fast shutter speeds.